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Seven Minutes In Evan

Feb 14, 2024

Join us in this entertaining and enlightening episode where the multifaceted David Centofanti — comedian and former opera singer — schools us on the sophistication of Italian fine dining. David also shares his candid thoughts on the gritty reality of Sixth Street and reflects on receiving news updates from a girlfriend with IDF experience. Meanwhile, Detroit's resurgence is a hot topic, and David's attempt to convert Evan into a Detroit Lions supporter sparks a lively debate. We dive into a whimsical discussion on the idyllic universe of Jurassic Park and muse over a world where Eminem leads the charge in Jurassic World. The episode takes a turn towards the cinematic universe, questioning Marvel's impact on the film industry and exploring the contentious issue of open borders. Finally, we delve into a patriotic reflection on America's core identity. Tune in for this enjoyable rollercoaster of a conversation!