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Seven Minutes In Evan

Mar 22, 2024

Tune in to "Seven Minutes in Evan," the comedy podcast where humor and cultural commentary collide. Hosted by Austin's very own Evan Lopez, this show offers a comedic deep dive into trending topics, nostalgic trips, and candid life lessons from the world of stand-up.

In our latest episodes, we kick things off with an unexpected nod to basketball legend Allen Iverson, thanks to a surprising artificial intelligence twist. It's the perfect icebreaker leading into a thought-provoking discussion on the evolution of cancel culture. We delve into the complexities of retroactive judgment and debate whether controversy is the new currency in comedy.

Then, let's rewind to the 90s, a decade we reexamine through its less-flattering paparazzi snapshots and the beloved slappy hands toys. It's a bittersweet journey that begs the question – why does nostalgia hold such power over us?

As the laughter subsides, we take a reflective turn to discuss the quiet aftermath of South by Southwest at East Austin Comedy Club. It's a moment of hope and resilience that mirrors Evan's own path through the heart of Austin's vibrant comedy circuit. From stand-up stages to the suburban solace of gardening and whimsical daydreams of pop culture statues, "Seven Minutes in Evan" embraces the full spectrum of a comedian's life.

Each episode balances introspective monologues with guest-filled adventures, ensuring a variety of voices and viewpoints. Most importantly, we celebrate you, our listeners, for joining us on this extraordinary journey.

Whether it's laughter or reflection, Evan's unique take on life guarantees you'll be hanging on every word until the next punchline. Don't miss a minute of this comedic exploration by subscribing to "Seven Minutes in Evan," where every episode is a tribute to the joy of comedy.