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Seven Minutes In Evan

May 8, 2024

Step into "Seven Minutes in Evan," a podcast where host Evan Lopez dives into life's tempo and the pivotal moments of pop culture. Each episode starts with a candid discussion on the relentless march of time, exploring the contrast between life's swift pace and the timeless spirit of our inner child. It's a reminder to chase our dreams before time slips away.

Evan then pivots to the world of hip hop, breaking down the ongoing saga between Drake and Kendrick Lamar while reminiscing about the era of Tupac and the birth of rap battles. The conversation delves into the evolution of rap disputes, marking the transition into a new era where lines between art and personal life blur.

The show rounds off with an exploration of liberty, kinship, and the joy of supporting each other's happiness. Evan tips his hat to Texas for its spirit of freedom, reflects on Tom Brady's Netflix roast, and discusses the intricate layers behind Kevin Hart's success beyond his comedic persona.

Tune into "Seven Minutes in Evan" for your quick fix of deep dives into music, culture, and personal growth, all peppered with Evan's unique comedic flair. Perfect for your daily commute or while enjoying a coffee break.