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Seven Minutes In Evan

Feb 7, 2024

This week on "Seven Minutes in Evan," I'm excited to have Andre Ricks, the hilarious comedian and doorguy from the mothership, join me. We'll discuss how being on a cruise can feel akin to being stuck at a Golden Corral and why camping can be laughably futile, especially when trying to reason with a bear. Delving into the service industry, we'll share insights on the restaurant lifestyle, including the ups and downs of the job and useful lifehacks for servers to increase their earnings. We'll also explore our favorite colors and the personal reasons behind our choices. The topic of authority is on the table too—why we clash with it and how it shapes our lives. Plus, we ponder whether tough audiences are detrimental or beneficial to a comedian's growth. And we'll confront the stark reality faced by participants of "Naked and Afraid." Don't miss these intriguing conversations!