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Seven Minutes In Evan

Feb 1, 2024

Welcome to this episode of Seven Minutes In Evan by Evan Lopez featuring this episode Comedian and New York Native Chad Dixon. In this episode we delve into the complexities of securing the Texas border and examine current government initiatives. We also ponder unconventional solutions to homelessness, debating the notion of a Highlander-style showdown for a hefty prize. We break down how scary Fentanyl is. the ongoing situation in Syria, and a lighthearted reflection on the undeniable importance of pizza in Chad's life. We explore the exorbitant prices of cable services, dissect the corny charm of late-night show-style interviews, and revel in the excitement of yard sale hustling. Join us in appreciating the glory of Antique Roadshow and sharing a laugh over the memorable moments on Pawn Stars, where people break down and deals unfold. Tune in for a diverse and engaging exploration of these topics and more!