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Seven Minutes In Evan

Mar 13, 2024

In today's episode we are joined by East Austin Comedy Club owner/founder comedian Raza Jafri as we tackle the mysteries of the Raven's Dilemma in this special episode of Seven Minutes in Evan. Join us as Raza and I unravel the mysteries behind comedy special titles and the search for sincerity in an age dominated by social media likes, the rewards of completing creative projects and the strange allure of guilty pleasures. Listen in as we candidly discuss the impact of online feedback mechanisms and share our personal indulgences, from spoiler-free basketball games to the meditative act of cooking.

We share insights on what shapes our perfect days and travel experiences. Raza tells us the origins of East Austin Comedy Club and what inspired him to open up his own comedy club as a comedian and what the goals and future of East Austin Comedy Club holds!  while we both reflect on our changing travel habits and the delicate dance between spontaneity and structure. The chatter takes a lighter turn with jokes about morning routines and youthful escapades, highlighting the quirks that define us.

We reflect on Raza's dual role as a comedian and club owner, the pressures of performing in intimate spaces, and the drive to create a community-focused venue, the discipline behind creative writing, and navigating the intersection of comedy and other performance arts. Learn more about Raza Jafri and East Austin Comedy by following Raza on social media at @Razadots and @eastaustincomedyclub