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Seven Minutes In Evan

Apr 28, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Wednesday where we come in hot! Talking about why you don't mess with Texas on stage. The breakdown the weirdness of Joe Biden saying that vaccinated people can go outside without a mask on. We have weaponized empathy and virtue signal is at an all time high. We talk about Jake Paul vs...

Apr 26, 2021

In this episode we breakdown why I shaved my head like Britney. My near bathroom death experience. We breakdown UFC 261 and more! Enjoy!

Apr 21, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Wednesday where we get weird! In this episode I break the news that I don't in fact have covid. Sadly. I thought moving to Texas it was a requirement. I break down in this episode my addiction to Krispy kreme. Is tik tok really good for the children? Is cryptocurrency legit? Why is...

Apr 19, 2021

Ladies & Gentlemen we talk about my weekend at the Riverwalk in San Antonio aka the Gotham city of Texas. I talk about my first time doing actual standup again in front of a live audience. We breakdown the spectacle that was Jake Paul vs Ben Askren. Enjoy!

Apr 14, 2021

You are in for a treat! In this episode I talk to comedian & talented painter Russell Samler the host of the boomtown chronicles podcast available now! We talk about the black and white positioning on getting vaccinated and the virtue signaling of the past year. Russell tells us about his time working in a...