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Seven Minutes In Evan

Dec 30, 2021

In this episode, we reflect back on the wild world that is 2021. We go even farther back into 2020 and what we did early on to be able to make some moves happen. We have grown up and stopped shaming new years' resolutions. Happy New Year!

Dec 23, 2021

It's that time of the year again. The holiday special is here. How do we deal with relatives during the holidays? Let's break into it. How old were you when you learned Santa wasn't real? For me? Too old. I still believe elves are real. How we stole a Christmas tree and saved Christmas. Find out in this holiday special.

Dec 21, 2021

Ladies & gentlemen welcome back to the podcast. Episode 202! Rejoice! In this episode, we break down the new Spiderman movie and our opinions on what went down. Spoilers ahead in the podcast for Spiderman No way home. A glorious movie. We break down what went down with Jake paul VS Tyron Woodley II with that...

Dec 16, 2021

Ladies & Gentleman! WHO SAID THAT? We had a lot of fun in this episode. All terrible quotes about making Omelets… WHO SAID THAT? Joe Biden doesn’t know where he is… WHO SAID THAT? GaryVee thinks he is 13… WHO SAID THAT? Blake Shelton makes generic country music.. WHO SAID THAT?


Dec 14, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 200th episode where we breakdown one of the best weekends we have had. Having mother nature makes your willy tingle while you get in touch with your primal side. Enjoying the basic necessities and struggles of life while hunting down the lean mean Bambi machines. My first...